Vikashni Moyle
The Purple Finch is a textile lable. I create plush toys which are my own orginal design and I also create scarfs, my work is stocked in a few stores around Tasmania.

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I am married to a fantastic photographer you can find his work here Photobat

I have always been a passionate artist from an early age, I have always loved to draw, paint and just be creative.

It wasn’t until I moved out of home and borrowed my step dad’s sewing machine that I started to get interested in textiles and working with fabric.

Some of my favourite projects when I first started to work with fabric were marking soft toys and fabric badges. One of my first soft toys (an owl) caught the interest of my cat. I caught the cat one day walking around the living room with the owl in his mouth so I thought to my self ‘they must be loveable’

after showing some of my plush toys to good friends with all the positive feedback I embarked on a creating spree and this is how my first pattern evolved which I have loving called “snow people”

My creations can be found in the following stores

Cocoon – Launceston, Tasmanian

Pocket Space – Hobart, Tasmania

Love and Clutter – Hobart, Tasmania

Coco Blue – Campbell Town, Tasmania


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